Ten Stuff Car Fans Strongly Dislike That Everyone Else Absolutely Adores

See Some Of The Most Infamous Features On Cars That Regular Consumers Love But Car Enthusiasts Despise.

The Rivalry In The Automotive Industry Can Be Particularly Harsh Because Every Automaker Is Vying For Your Business By Attempting To Convince You To Purchase Their Car Rather Than One Of The Hundreds Of Other Models Available On The Market.

Because Of This, Producers Are Consistently Creating New Features In The Hopes Of Increasing Sales.

There Are Primarily Two Categories Of Features That Automakers Put Into Their Cars. On The One Hand, There Are Helpful Features That Make Life Better In The Car And Improve The Entire Experience Of Driving.

On The Other Hand, There Are Not Enough Of These Amenities. On The Other Side, There Are Some Features That Car Manufacturers Include In Their Products As Marketing Gimmicks With The Intention Of Attracting Customers Without Actually Enhancing The Quality Of The Driving Experience.

This Article Addresses The Latter, Which Consists Of Features That Seem Impressive To People Who Only Own Cars Sometimes But Are Reviled By True Car lovers.

Electronic Parking Brake

Back In The Day, One Of The Signals That You Had Learned The Art Of Driving Was Being Able To Hit A Proper Handbrake Turn, Just Like They Do In The Movies. Today, There Are Many Other Indicators That Someone Has Mastered The Art Of Driving.

No Longer, However. Sadly, The Tried-And-True Handbrake Lever Is Rarely Found In Modern Cars Because It Has Been Replaced By A Button In Most Vehicles.

The Manufacturers Claim That Electronic Parking Brakes Are More Up-To-Date, Simpler To Operate, And Take Up A Significantly Smaller Amount Of Space.

Despite This, The Vast Majority Of Gearheads Still Prefer To Use The Older Lever Since It Is More Entertaining And Can Be Engaged Instinctively In The Event Of An Emergency.

Haptic Controls Instead Of Buttons

In The Realm Of Automobile Manufacturing, There Appears To Be A Fight Going On Against Good Old Buttons.

We Have Already Mentioned How Gearheads Dislike Excessive Touch Screens In Modern Cars, But Now Manufacturers Are Taking Things One Step Further And Replacing Buttons With Haptic Controls, Which Simply Do Not Work As Well As Buttons.

This Has Been Brought Up Because Manufacturers Are Taking Things One Step Further.

Many Auto Enthusiasts Believe That The Manufacturers Are Striving To Improve Upon Something That Does Not Require Improvement.

Haptic Controls, In Contrast To Buttons, Are Not As Easy To Operate And, In Most Cases, Need The Driver To Take A Brief Glance In Order To Determine Where To Place Their Touch.

Big Boy Rims

Because Of The American Penchant For Oversized Items, Big-Boy Rims Have Been Popular In Recent Years. Big Boy Rims Are One Of The Most Noticeable Changes That Can Be Made To A Vehicle.

They Were Made Popular By Hip-Hop Culture A Few Decades Ago And Have Been Popular Ever Since.

However, Putting 24-Inch Wheels On A Standard Sedan May Make It Appear Cooler Or More Intimidating, But It Can Have A Terrible Impact On The Car’s Handling, Grip, And Overall Performance If The Wheels Are Installed.

It Is Also Possible That This Will Hasten The Wear And Tear Of The Components Of The Wheels.

Lane-Keeping Assist

Over The Past Few Decades, Advancements In Driver Aid Technologies Such As Lane-Keeping Assist Have Substantially Increased Overall Road Safety.

This Technology, Which Helps To Keep Vehicles In Their Lanes Most Of The Time, Is Quite Cool Since It Does That.

On The Other Hand, Lane-Keeping Assist Can Rapidly Turn Into An Annoyance If It Doesn’t Work Well Or If It’s Been Programmed To Remain Active At All Times.

This Is True For Other Types Of Driver Assistance Systems As Well, Such As Monitoring For Blind Spots.

Excessive Touchscreens

A Few Decades Ago, The Dashboards Of Automobiles Were Crammed With Knobs And Buttons That Controlled Virtually Every Aspect Of The Car. Those Times Are Long Gone,

As You Would Know If You Had Read The Article On Our Website About The Largest Screens Available In Cars.

Touchscreens Are Used To Control The Majority Of The Functions In Modern Cars, Which Results In A Significant Reduction In The Number Of Buttons Seen In These Vehicles.

Some Cars, Such As The Most Recent Model Of The Tesla Model S Plaid, Have Done Away With All Buttons Completely. Although Touchscreens Are The Wave Of The Future,

Some Functions Are Still Better Served By The Traditional Controls Of Buttons And Dials. Controls For The Air Conditioner Come To Mind Right Away.

Automatic Stop-Start Systems

In Order To Appeal To Customers Who Are Concerned About Their Finances And To People Who Are Concerned About The Environment, Car Manufacturers Are Continuously Working To Improve The Fuel Efficiency Of Their Cars.

This Is The Motivation Behind The Development Of Automatic Stop-Start Systems.

When The Vehicle Comes To A Stop At A Traffic Signal, Stop Sign, Or In Heavy Traffic, These Systems Are Programmed To Turn The Engine Off Automatically And Then Back On Again When The Driver Releases Their Foot From The Brake Pedal.

Although Utilizing This Option May Result In A Few Dollars Being Saved, It Frequently Results In Annoyance. There Is Also The Theory That It Could Accelerate The Wear And Tear On The Components Of The Engine And The Ignition System.

Fake Vents Or Exhausts

In Order For A Powerful Engine To Operate To Its Full Potential, A Proper Performance Car Requires A Reliable Exhaust System.

Vents Are A Common Feature In The Bodywork Of High-Performance Cars Since They Help With Cooling And Also Increase Aerodynamics.

Because Car Manufacturers Are Aware Of The Expectations That People Have Regarding Cars That Have Vents And Outstanding Exhaust Systems, There Are Various Cars On The Market Today That Have Been Modified To Appear As Though They Have These Features.

Voice Control Systems

It Is Only Natural For Car Manufacturers To Attempt To Include The Technology In Their Cars, Given The Growing Prevalence Of Intelligent Voice Assistants In Consumer Electronics Such As Smartphones, Home Entertainment Systems, And Other Devices.

Voice Control Can Be Useful For Drivers Since It Enables Them To Operate Various Functions Without Diverting Their Eyes From The Road Or Releasing Their Grip On The Steering Wheel.

This Helps Drivers Stay Focused On The Road At All Times.

Because Voice Control Systems Are So Rarely Reliable, Users Are Forced To Constantly Yell, Rephrase Their Instructions, And Alter Their Accents In An Effort To Be Understood. Even Worse Is It For Cars That Have Gesture Controllers.

Traction Control

When Driving In A Variety Of Conditions, Traction Control Is A Device That Helps Drivers Avoid Losing Their Vehicle’s Grip On The Road.

If The Traction Control System Detects A Lack Of Grip On One Or More Wheels, It Will Automatically Lower The Amount Of Power That Is Being Transmitted To The Wheels And May Even Automatically Apply The Brakes In Some Circumstances.

Traction Control Is Designed To Engage When It Makes This Discovery.

In Extremely Unusual Circumstances, Traction Control May Save A Driver’s Life. However, In The Vast Majority Of Situations, This Safety System Is Merely A Nuisance That Takes Away From The Overall Enjoyment Of Driving.

Simulated Engine Noise

Because Of How Important The Sound That A Vehicle Produces Is To The Overall Driving Experience, Many Of The Cars That Provide The Best Sounds Overall Are Successful On The Market.

Because Manufacturers Are Aware That Gearheads Are Concerned About Sound, They Put A Lot Of Effort Into Developing The Ideal Exhaust Tone For Their Products.

However, Cars That Do Not Have Massive, Strong Internal Combustion Engines Do Not Typically Have A Pleasant Sound. Because Of This, Some Automakers Choose To Equip Their Cars With Imitation Engine Noises.

Every Car Fan Can Tell Right Away Whether The Engine Sounds Coming From Your Car Are Artificial, And They Will Condemn You Because Of It.

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